A Little Bit About Me

So for my first official blog post thought I’d dedicate to myself just so you get to know me better! That way it is not only more relatable, but also my stories may make more sense. So first things first, Hi my name is alexis and I am 21 years old from the depths of cold Canada! No I don’t ride moose or live in an igloo, but I do say sorry a lot and “eh!”. I guess that’s one thing true about Canadians we generally are super nice!

I graduated with my BA in Psychology and a minor in Law and Justice in April. When I finished high school I had no idea what I wanted to get into nor study but I knew psychology sparked my attention. So to make my parents proud and actually feel like I was doing something with my life I attended university! Into my second year I realized that my true calling wasn’t to be a psychologist it was to help people feed their bodies and live the healthiest lives they can! 

After taking a couple months to decide that this is something that I really wanted to pursue I scheduled a meeting with my academic advisor and cut my degree from a 4 year BSc with Honours to a 3 year BA. This way I could focus more on become a registered dietician or nutritionist. 

Now this leads to the latest chapter in my life, “Deciding what to do”. Since becoming a dietician requires yet again a minimum of 4 years of university, moving away from my home town and actually needing to be accepted, I was looking into the idea of a certified holistic nutritionist! Plus the school I’m looking into has job opportunities quite frequently, so no need to be scared about my financial worries. I guess that says a lot about my education more than about who I am but once I get on a tangent it’s very hard to stop. I guess I should actually talk about me now, haha. 

I’m from a small town and would not regret anything. I love it here! I’m surrounded by nature and the American border. So on the weekends you can go hiking, swimming at the various beaches, or cross the border for lunch and a shopping spree! Theres so many different unique shops and places to go, theres never nothing to do. My favourite little spot is this cafe around the corner from my work (I work at a thrift store), where you can get everything from coffees to lattes to baked goods! The best part is they offer vegan eats so I don’t have to worry about whats in my food. Plus being from a small town it’s impossible to find somewhere that will put almond in your coffee. OH! Another fact I’m vegetarian but try to live vegan the best I can. Since I have a history with eating disorders and body dysmorphia labeling/restricting my diet isn’t the greatest! However meat makes me sick so I stay away from it the best I can. I love yoga, exploring, traveling and reading about different ways I can help and heal my body. Not to mention I love reading different studies of how food effects our bodies. Very interesting how the only reason our bodies function is because of what we put into it, and why it functions differently is based on this also!

I started this blog to spread my fitness and health love to you! As well as pop in with different tips, tricks, and recipes to help you guys out! So that is a little bit more about me. I know I am all over the place with this post however that’s how I am in real life! So theres a bit of a lead into the life of the nutritious little hippie. If you guys have any questions comment below and I’ll get back to them the fastest I can! Love yous and thanks for listening to me rant


Hey Guys!

Welcome to the crazy life of the nutritious little hippie!! Aka a 21 year old from northern Ontario, Canada who tries her best to be living holistically. I know what you guys are thinking, what is this girl doing writing a blog about being healthy and being fit?! WELL! Glad you asked. I know somewhere out there I would have an audience of like minded people who know that living your best life relates back to what you put in your body and what you do with your body.

Since I’m from a small town, those like minded individuals are slim to none. I know I may be blogging to no one, or the reach is out to the wind! But in the slim chance that someone wants to hear my story, I am more than willing to tell it!

So this blog is for anyone out there that wants a friend, wants to live healthy, wants to live holistically, or simply wants to better themselves!

Be prepared for my story with nutrition and fitness, fitness tips, healthy recipes, and opportunities to live your best life! Thank you to anyone who took the time to read this, I promise my writing and content will get better! Till next time, cheers babes!!